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4 Ways Grooms Can Choose the Right Suit

When it comes to wedding preparation, the quest for a great suit doesn’t get much attention. The wedding dress always tends to be top priority, and men are basically expected to show up wearing the right color tie and an outfit that doesn’t have stains on it. There’s a reason no one is lining up to watch a show called Say Yes to the Suit.

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How to Find Bridesmaid Dresses Your 'Maids Will DEF Wear Again

In years past, bridesmaid dresses were commonly thought of as unattractive and unflattering—and for good reason.

Why You Should Consider Wedding Insurance - WeddingWire

Insurance is all about protecting the most important things in life - your health, your home, your vehicle and your business, for example. It’s a chance to hedge your bets, safeguarding you, your loved ones and your assets against unexpected catastrophes. So why not insure the biggest day of your life?

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How Weight Loss Helped This Couple Pay Down $22,000 of Debt

About two years ago, Brian LeBlanc was fed up. The 30-year-old policy analyst from Alberta, Canada, had struggled with his weight for years. At the time, he weighed 240 pounds and had trouble finding clothes that fit. He decided it was time to change his lifestyle for good.

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What Trump's Budget Means for Public Service Loan Forgiveness - MagnifyMoney

Confirming the fears of many, President Donald Trump’s recently proposed federal budget calls for the defunding of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

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What To Do if Your Insurance Doesn't Cover a Health Care Provider - MagnifyMoney

At some point or another, just about everyone will have to deal with a situation where their insurance doesn’t cover a provider.

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4 Strategies to Help Reduce Your Financial Stress - Chime Banking

When you think about checking your bank balance or your retirement account, how do you feel? Do you feel comfortable and assured or does your brow start to sweat uncontrollably?

Best Secured Credit Cards

No matter how vigilant you may be about paying your bills on time and staying away from debt, you’re not considered financially stable until you have a healthy credit score. People who’ve never taken out a line of credit or who have damaged their credit reports may find it difficult to get access to credit again. Thankfully, there are options: the secured credit card.

Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® Review

One of the best mileage cards around, this card will earn 2x miles on all purchases. The tour-de-force is the one-time 50,000 mile bonus when you spend $3,000 in 90 days. This is the equivalent of $500 worth of travel.

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card Review

If you’re looking for a travel card not attached to a certain airline or hotel company and want to start small, the Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card could be perfect for you. You’ll earn a decent sign up bonus while also getting the standard benefits that come with travel cards.

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Five Financial Tools Built for Small Businesses -

When you dream about being a small business owner, it’s easy to anticipate the highs of signing clients, surpassing your previous income and establishing yourself as the leader in your industry.

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5 Things To Know About a 401k Loan

If you’ve been saving as the years go by, that once formerly-wimpy 401k account has started to fill up. It’s easy to start wondering – could I do something with this money right now?

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When Refinancing Your Auto Loan Doesn't Save You Money

Refinancing your loans is often a one-way ticket to easy money. You can save on interest, decrease the life of your loan and be debt-free faster. What could go wrong?

Refinance an Upside Down Car Loan | Auto Refinance Articles

Refinance an Upside Down Car Loan | Auto Refinance ...

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How to Create a Professional Network

Managing your career these days can feel like a video game. From answering emails to managing documents to ticking off social media obligations, it’s easy to spend an entire day networking – without ever actually having a conversation with a real person.